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The Hackney Hub began as a quest to learn more about the history of Anglicanism. I had been reading and stumbled upon works that described the differences between modern High Churchmanship and traditional or old High Churchmanship. The blog has developed in its course to promote the historical and classical teachings of Anglicanism as found in its historical formularies.

I use the words, "High Churchmanship" in their original sense, meaning one who upholds the Protestant Establishment of the Church of England in her Protestant Constitution. This is markedly different from what "High Churchmanship" constitutes nowadays. I eventually found that Evangelical spirit and High Church practice have been intertwined (more often than might be thought) in Anglican history. In this sense, THH is "where Hackney and Clapham meet."

The goal of this site is to provide thoughtful articles to the uninformed person and spark discussion on that topic.  I intend with each article to provide an article of academic and scholarly quality but released for public reading to further knowledge among the laity and clergy of the Anglican tradition.

Thoughts, comments, complaints, etc. are always welcome, please e-mail, thehackneyhub@hotmail.com.

Soli Deo Gloria

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