Sunday, July 17, 2011

Divers and Sundry announcements II

Good news, the Hackney Hub has reached over 1,000 page views since I unveiled it in June!

The most popular posts have been:

  1. The Destructive Influence of Tract 90
  2. A Comparison of the Daily Office in the 1662 and 1928 Prayer Books
  3. The Curious Case of the Old High Churchmen (Part I 1533-1833)
  4. Two Anglicanisms or the Problem of Anglicanism
  5. Nonjurors, Tractarian predecessors?

Looking to the future, I have a few blogs in the works:
  1. The American High Church Tradition - or Samuel Seabury, really in the research phase with this one.
  2. The Destructive Influence of Ritualism - a companion to the related post on Tract 90
  3. A collaborative blogging project - more about this later, but I think my readers will appreciate it.
  4. I realized I never really finished the "Curious Case" series... I'm thinking of a way to finish that.
  5. The "Practice of the Reformed Catholic Religion" series with posts on alms and oratories... see below for the latter term.


I am going to be advocating this idea in a future post. Check out Anglican Rose's post on "oratories," which Charles explains as, "religious houses of families, that might eventually be linked by confraternal agreements and mutual aid. Little Gidding is the neo-monastic model w/ reference to a distinctly Anglican rule of life revolving around catechism, psalter, primers, and the offices in the BCP." I encourage all my readers to go to the links above and read about this exciting way to engage in High Church principles on a local and missional level. I encourage all my readers to consider starting one of these oratories.

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