Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Few Notes about this Blog

For new readers or confused readers,

The title of this blog is a play on words from the early 19th century group known as the "Hackney Phalanx" which centered in Hackney, which is now a suburb of London.

The inspiration for this blog really is a personal quest which I have made public (as I take notes on everything I read, I thought it would be beneficial to other people to read my "notes" so to speak).  I read Peter Nockle's, "The Oxford Movement in Context" and was fascinated by this subject of Anglo-Catholicism in comparison to .  I have since collected books and articles to read about this subject, mostly for my own private enjoyment and to share with anyone who is interested in the subject.

Also note, that I do not "filter" anything I say or think about this (or any) subject.  So, for instance, you might see something a few months ago which contradicts what something else I've written here.  This is an intellectual curiosity of mine and I do want to make it clear that I am not a trained scholar in this field so please do not accept anything I write as fact.  I encourage debate (and enjoy it), if you have a contrary opinion, please opine!

I really enjoy reading and discussing Anglican history and if you think I should write about something please send me an e-mail, I would love to learn more.  Likewise, if you have a book suggestion or solely want to discuss something, please also send an e-mail.

"To know the past is to know the present"

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BCP Anglican said...

I enjoy reading your blog, especially the historical notes. Even when I might disagree on some details, your postings provoke my thought.

There is one point in this post on which I have a different perspective. In part, this may just be because I am apparently decades older. But over the years, as my views have developped on various topics, I have learned to "filter" my expression in various ways. Of course, I like to be natural and honest, but intellectual consistency and courtesy of expression are also good things.