Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some Useful Episcopal Statistics

Online, Episcopal statistics tend to focus on the declining membership; I don't intend to deny that problem, for it is a grave problem.  I wanted to post some positive statistics though.  A while back, there was quite a bit of (justified) excitement about ACNA's number of adult baptisms for 2010.  I decided to check TEC's statistics and found that it is remarkably much higher than ACNA's but there was no mention of it anywhere.  Any adult baptism is good because it shows a conversion to Christ, we should be giving thanks for these baptisms too.  Here is some comparative stats for TEC and ACNA.


PECUSA: 7,283
ACNA: 952 (ACNA and Ministry Partners - only 659 actually resident in ACNA)

Infant/children Baptisms

PECUSA: 31,967
ACNA: 1,647

Youth/Adult Baptisms

PECUSA: 4,692
ACNA: 1,411


PECUSA (including "children" and "adults"): 24,925
ACNA: 2,197

"Conversions" (As listed on ACNA stats, I'm assuming = received?)

PECUSA: 7,602 (received)
ACNA: 714 ("conversions")

Average Sunday Attendance

PECUSA: 697,880
ACNA (projected):  78,151 (actual reported = 49,665)

Total Membership

PECUSA: 2,125,012
ACNA: 100,000 (common number, no actual number to my knowledge)

Additional PECUSA Statistics

Marriages: 11,567
Deaths: 30,891



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mylifemyfaith said...

I'm not denying that decline is a problem in pecusa, but with 2 million supposed members and only 600k asa, I'm wondering how many of the 500,000 people who stopped calling themselves Episcopalians over the last 10 years were Christians and Episcopalians in more than name.