Monday, June 4, 2012

Anglican Myths: A New Hub Series

I'm beginning a new series called Anglican Myths, these are typically things you might here in an "intro to Anglicanism" class at your parish church, or something like that.  I've gathered some of my favorite Anglican Myths to disprove, right here on this blog.

Here's a list of some popular myths I will put to rest:

  1. Hooker's "Three-Legged Stool"
  2. Three Streams -- One Muddy River
  3. Henry and His Wives
  4. The Via Media -- Road to Nowhere?
  5. The Democratic Party, er, I mean, "Baptismal" Covenant
  6. Anglicanism... A Gateway Drug to Rome?  (Bridge church and other fallacies)
  7. Silly Episcobabble -- "You don't have to check your brain out at the door" and other stupid things liberals say.
  8. The Camp That's not for Everyone (Big Tent)
If you think of another myth that should be covered but isn't on the list, send me an idea!  

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